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Ski Safari Review

Ski Safari is a 2D skiing game where a tiny skier, better known as Sven, swoops down huge mountains while collecting coins, doing tricks to earn points and fulfilling achievements. To stay alive Sven must avoid getting run over by a giant avalanche which is almost always on his tail. This isn't easy only equipped with skis and ski poles and therefore our ski hero must have some help from the mountain habitats and machinery. In the mountains live animals which Sven can use to his advantage to gain speed and be one step ahead of the avalanche. Penguins, Yetis, Eagles, Wolves and Bats are among animals that can be used on the hillside but some must be unlocked by finishing achievements. 

In the beginning you start up with nothing and as you progress you can buy all kinds of accessories for the coins you have collected during your skiing sessions. As you progress the game becomes more entertaining and you get hooked on collecting more coins so that you can buy new stuff and when you get new stuff there are always new achievements that are associated with it, so it's an endless journey. At the moment I've unlocked all the animals and probably bought 50% of all the items. The reason why I haven't bought all the items is mainly because there is a bug in the game which hinders me from progressing in the game. The bug is associated with the purchase of the "Coin Doubler" which is an add-on you can buy through the Google Play store and when you swoop down the hills you double the coins you collect. However after re-installing the game on another phone and trying to activate the "Coin doubler" I'm unable to visit the in-game shop because a notification about the activation is stuck and the shop doesn't load and I have to force close the game. The bug isn't a show stopper because I'm able to visit the shop maybe once out of five tries. I've already sent the bug to the developer but haven't received any response.

Even though there is a bug in the game I often find the urge to swoop because the game is so easy and at the same time very entertaining. Maybe it's because I love snowboarding and find winter sports very interesting to watch and participate in. The controls are as simple as they can be, with a single touch you jump and when you touch and hold you flip. This makes it easy to play the game with one hand which is convenient for fathers that have young children that tend to attack at any time and use the spare hand to defend while playing. I recommend purchasing the "Coin Doubler" and the "Coin Magnet" to increase the coin income. The best map to gather coins is the "North Pole" because of the Christmas gifts in the clouds which gives you 25 coins and 50 coins if you have the coin doubler. 

The game costs $0.99 which is a bargain compared to the playtime you get from the game and because of the low price I didn't hesitate to buy the coin doubler and also to support the development team behind the game. However I'm not so please with them at the moment because I haven't received any reply to my bug report. 

I'm going to give the game 8 stars out of 10 possible. 2 stars are missing because of the bug and no response from the dev team. I'll revise the score to 10 stars when they fix the bug.

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