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Parties / Clubs / Bars

Pictures from parties, bars and clubs during 2001 - 2003. Locations include Hús Málarans (Sólon Íslandus), Prikið, Vegamót, Celtic Cross and others.


The year everything started. With total dedication I started taking pictures on a film camera, had the film developed, scanned the pictures and uploaded to


Tired of the hassle behind the film camera a digital camera was purchased with well appreciated help from the parents. Pictures captured per night increased exponentially.


The party continues but now I've joined forces with with added audience and more fun. "Geiranet nazzlar í kellingum" was the slogan for my section, Geiranet.


The year I stopped taking nightlife pictures . With fading interest in taking picture and the popularity slowly fading as well I decided it was time to retire.