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Locations: Hús Málarans, Prikið, Vegamót, Celtic Cross.
Days: 2003.
Pictures taken: 420.
Pictures uploaded: 93.

Sept. 14th - Dec. 31st

Locations: Hús Málarans, Prikið, Vegamót, Celtic Cross.
Days: 14.09-31.12.2002.
Pictures taken: 485.
Pictures uploaded: 228.

Ski Safari Review

Ski Safari is a 2D skiing game where a tiny skier, better known as Sven, swoops down huge mountains while collecting coins, doing tricks to earn points and fulfilling achievements. To stay alive Sven must avoid getting run over by a giant avalanche which is almost always on his tail. This isn't easy only equipped with skis and ski poles and therefore our ski hero must have some help from the mountain habitats and machinery. In the mountains live animals which Sven can use to his advantage to gain speed and be one step ahead of the avalanche.

Pictures from parties, bars and clubs during 2001 - 2003. Locations include Hús Málarans (Sólon Íslandus), Prikið, Vegamót, Celtic Cross and others.

I managed to attend a few hip-hop events with both local and international acts. Among artists were Forgotten Lores, Lone Catalysts, Looptroop and others.

Some of my friends were graffiti artists and therefore I took pictures of sprayed art on walls. Artists include Ses, Zus, Kyte and many others.

Because my camera was mainly a video recorder I happened to capture some videos. The content varies from people having fun in the club to artists performing live.